8 January 2024

Community of Practice in Denmark: A joint workshop with the Danish Network on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service

The Danish Network on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service was initiated by the ESMERALDA project in 2016 and is currently hosted by the Danish IPBES office in collaboration with DTU Aqua, University of Copenhagen IGN and OIKOS. A workshop was organised on 3 November 2023 in cooperation by the network and the SELINA project. The meeting attracted 33 participants – 17 from research, 10 from private enterprises, 4 from the authorities and 2 from NGOs.

The main purpose of the meeting was to catch up on ongoing and finalised activities in Denmark since the last workshop in 2020 and to introduce the SELINA Community of Practice idea. The meeting included presentations on certification of ecosystem services, work on ecosystem services in the Statistical Office, updates on research projects and the SELINA project.

SELINA was introduced through a general presentation and an introduction of the “seeds of change” and transformative change followed by a discussion on the Danish context. No seeds of change have been identified immediately, but the discussion will continue during a conference planned for 12 April 2024 and focused on practical examples of the ecosystem services approach in transformative change.

Presentations from the workshop (in Danish) are available on the network website.