4 November 2022

SELINA at the 4th ESP Europe Conference

Between 10–14 October 2022, SELINA members attended the 4th ESP Europe Conference in Heraklion, Crete. The conference, which ran under the theme “Ecosystem services empowering people and societies in times of crises,” was hosted by SELINA Partner University of Patras and Harokopio University of Athens — and it brought together more than 400 participants from 50 countries from Europe and beyond.

SELINA was represented, among others, by the project’s coordinator and ESP Executive committee Co-Chair, Dr. Benjamin Burkhard (LUH) and SELINA member and ESP Chair, Dr Dolf de Groot (FSD).

On the first day of the conference, SELINA Partner JRC led a pre-conference training titled “Accounting for Ecosystem Services: theoretical basis and practical applications using the QGIS plug-in INCA tools”. This was followed by an opening ceremony hosted by SELINA members Panayotis Dimopoulos (UPatras) and Dr Dolf de Groot, among others.

Additional SELINA members who contributed to the conference with their work included Prof. Lars Hein (WU), Dr Stoyan Nedkov (NIGGG-BAS), and Vince van 't Hoff (FSD) — as well as members of their teams. SELINA Partner and ESP Sponsor Pensoft also had a central presence at the conference. This included the organisation of the ‘Best Poster Talk’ awards as well as an information stand where conference attendees could learn all about SELINA and take home SELINA promotional materials such as the SELINA sticker and brochure. 

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The complete conference programme can be found here.