26 September 2023

The PlanWise4Blue platform and its contribution to the SELINA Demonstration Project in Latvia

On 14 September 2023, a training on the use of the PlanWise4Blue platform took place in Sigulda, Latvia. The event was organised by the team of the ADRIENNE+ project (University of Tartu) in cooperation with the SELINA team from the Baltic Environmental Forum – Latvia.

The PlanWise4Blue is an online GIS platform developed by scientists at the University of Tartu that aims to provide science-based support for assessing the impacts of human activities on the marine ecosystem and the services it provides. It is planned that the platform will play a role in the implementation of SELINA’s Latvian Demonstration Project where the Baltic Environmental Forum is contributing with the recent data on marine ecosystem services for updating of national Maritime Spatial Plan. 

The training was attended by representatives from national and regional authorities, as well as NGOs and scientific organisations. Participants had the opportunity to hear presentations about modelling of marine ecosystem service supply and assessment of cumulative impacts, and to learn more about SELINA’s Demonstration project. During the second part of the event, a practical testing of the PlanWise4Blue platform took part. During the testing, participants attempted to assess impacts on the marine ecosystem and its services of various potential human activities at sea, such as the construction of offshore wind farms and fish aquaculture.