14 - 17 August 2023
Burgas, Bulgaria

ECOLOGY & SAFETY: 32nd International Conference

The 32nd International Conference on Ecology & Safety is an online and in-person event that will be held on 14-17 August 2023 in Burgas, Bulgaria. It is part of the International Scientific Events 2023 that are organised by the Science and Education Foundation, Bulgaria and its partners. The Conference will provide representatives of universities, institutes, laboratories, and other organisations the opportunity to make oral, poster or online presentation of their work. The papers presented, regardless of the presentation type, will be published in a relevant journal of International Scientific Publications. Each paper is peer-reviewed by two anonymous, independent reviewers. The official language is English. Sending a paper for publication is optional. 

The following are examples of the topics that will be covered during the event: 

  •  Environmental monitoring and impact assessment; 

  •  Environmental protection; 

  •  Environmental ethics, policy and law;

  •  Climatology and meteorology; 

  •  Natural resource management; 

  •  Nature and landscape conservation; 

  •  Wildlife management and conservation; 

  •  Marine and coastal ecology, etc.  

The Ecology & Safety Conference will be held with live and online sessions while observing all applicable safety measures. You can read more about the event (full list of topics, registration, and participation fee) here.

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